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Trustin Lee is a software engineer who is involved in various open source software projects. He has been developing Java-based high-performance network applications including a massive SMS gateway, lightweight ESB and RPC application server since 2003. Please look around his blog or his résumé to find out more about him.

이희승은 다양한 오픈 소스 소프트웨어 프로젝트에 참여하고 있는 소프트웨어 엔지니어입니다. 그는 2003년 이래 대량 SMS 게이트웨이, 경량 ESB, RPC 어플리케이션 서버와 같은 자바 기반 고성능 네트워크 어플리케이션을 지속적으로 개발해 왔습니다. 그에 대해 더 궁금하다면 그의 블로그이력서 를 둘러보세요.

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Recent Blog Posts

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모든 예전 글들은 왼쪽 편에 링크된 Articles 섹션에서 읽어 보실 수 있습니다.


I am currently involved in the following projects:

  • Netty Project – Founder
    • The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous · event-driven network application framework for rapid development of maintainable high-performance · high-scalability protocol servers and clients, including its related out-of-the-box protocol extensions and tool suite.
  • Infinispan – Core developer
    • Infinispan is an extremely scalable, highly available key-value data grid platform. It exposes a highly concurrent data structure that makes the most of modern multi-processor/multi-core architectures while at the same time providing distributed cache capabilities.
  • APIviz – Founder
    • APIviz is a JavaDoc doclet which extends the Java standard doclet. It generates comprehensive UML-like class and package diagrams for quick understanding of the overall API structure.

You can also browse the list of the projects I was once involved in before in the project archive.


The following is the list of the interviews I had so far.
다음은 저를 인터뷰한 기사들입니다.


The following is the list of the presentations I gave in well-known conferences and meetings.
다음은 유명 컨퍼런스나 미팅에서 발표한 발표들입니다.

Presentation Materials

The following is the list of the presentation material for the topics that I wrote for people who might be interested in. Please contact me via an e-mail if there’s any opportunity for presenting these materials for your team. Of course, if you are interested in any other topics which meet my expertise, I can write a new material and present it for your team, too.

다음은 관심있어 하실지도 모를 분들을 위해 작성한 발표 자료의 목록입니다. 이들 자료에 대한 제 발표를 듣고 싶으신 팀이나 회사가 있다면 메일 부탁드리겠습니다. 물론 제 전문 분야에 부합하는 다른 토픽에 관심이 있다고 하면 새 자료를 만들어 발표해 드릴 수도 있습니다.

  • Java 5 Generics

Other Stuff

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